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Library and Reading Room

School of Math also hosts an in-house open-to-all library with a large number of hand picked Mathematics books for classes IX - XII, NTSE examinations, Olympiad examinations, for aspirants of IITs and NITs and also for those who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad. The library also consists of select books which are normally not found in libraries of schools but are really helpful to students.

An open to all Reading Room for those aspiring students who wish to spend quality time finishing their course work away from distractions of family and home has also been created with an environment where students can not only study peacefully, but also have peers to discuss their subject with. Access to Mr. Batra is a big plus for all such students who can choose to have their personal doubt clearing sessions with him - even if they aren’t enrolled at School of Maths! 

To request more information contact

School Of Math

S.C.F.33,Ist Floor, Sector-4 Market,



Mon-Sat 12PM : 7PM

+91 8586000650, 0124-4477900

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